Unrivaled Technologies 2 Stage Dead Blow Buffer

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Introducing the ultimate buffer solution designed specifically for 223/556 competition rifles!

Crafted with an ultra-light reciprocating mass, this buffer ensures consistent shot-to-shot recoil and cycling by utilizing embedded magnets that keep the dead blow weight in its proper position. Enjoy reduced bolt bounce, increased reliability when running lightened bolt carrier groups, and a smoother action.
The 2-stage spring system provides additional recoil dampening for improved accuracy, while its captured design allows for easy installation in any carbine buffer tube. This buffer is especially ideal for lightened bolt carriers and is highly recommended for use with adjustable gas systems.
Our team has been using this buffer for two years with tremendous success, and we are now excited to offer it to the public. Experience unparalleled performance and take your competition shooting to the next level with this exceptional buffer solution.
  • Ultra light reciprocating mass
  • Embedded magnets keep dead blow weight in proper position for consistent shot to shot recoil and cycling
  • Zero bolt bounce
  • Increased reliability when running lightened bolt carrier groups
  • 2-stage spring system for additional recoil dampening
  • Smoother action
  • Drops in any carbine buffer tube
  • Captured