Nighthawk Custom Predator II 1911

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The Nighthawk Custom Predator II is a compact 1911 pistol that offers superior handling and performance, addressing the challenge of increased recoil often associated with smaller firearms. This compact pistol is designed with the shooter’s comfort and control in mind, providing an exceptional experience without compromising on performance.

The Predator II features a 4.25" coned (wafered) match-grade barrel that plays a pivotal role in controlling recoil. The coned barrel design shifts the center of balance forward, helping to minimize felt recoil and improve muzzle control. This leads to faster shot recovery times, allowing shooters to maintain accuracy and speed during follow-up shots.

To enhance the shooter's experience further, the Predator II is equipped with a full-length guide rod that aids in smooth operation and reliability. Serrations on the top of the slide help reduce glare, ensuring clear sightlines for precise target acquisition, even in bright lighting conditions.

The pistol is outfitted with Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight tritium night sights, providing superior visibility and target acquisition in low-light environments. A two-piece mainspring housing/magwell is also included, facilitating quick reloads and adding to the overall efficiency of the pistol.

The Predator II boasts a nitride finish that enhances its durability while providing a sleek, modern appearance. Double diamond Cocobolo grips add a touch of elegance to the pistol's design and offer a comfortable and secure grip for the shooter.

In summary, the Nighthawk Custom Predator II combines compactness with innovative design elements to deliver a 1911 pistol that minimizes recoil and improves shot recovery time. Its attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and thoughtful features make it a top choice for shooters seeking a compact yet high-performing firearm.

*This model also includes a bobtail mainspring housing and a blue/gray frame and accents*