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Transfers / PPT




FFL Transfers

An FFL transfer is $35 plus the DROS and FSC Test Fee (if applicable.) Ammo transfers are $5 + $5 per case. We offer discounts on estate transfers, group buys, and other such bulk transfers. 

For more information please contact your TITAN sales representative.


1.     Buyer notifies TITAN of incoming transfer.  Titan then assigns a transaction ID.

2.     Seller contacts to exchange related FFL information. TITAN assigns a transaction # to the inbound shipment.

3.     Seller ships merchandise to TITAN with transaction # clearly written on the box.

4.     Buyer visits TITAN upon arrival of their merchandise for inspection and begins the DROS process.


Important Note: Buyer is responsible for all shipping fee's and taxes related to your transfer.  We do not accept freight collect or COD orders for transfers.